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SEA Executive Committee Members

Our members are the lifeblood of our organisation; it is the engagement of our membership that allows us to collaborate to develop credible policy positions. They are a diverse range of businesses from some of the largest blue chip companies to some of the most innovative SMEs in the UK marketplace.

  • Richard Burnley
    Managing Director

    Richard Burnley on LinkedIn

    Richard Burnley is the Managing Director at Kingspan Insulation Britain & Ireland, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of a range of insulation products. He has previous experience with SIG plc and Dow Europe GmbH, and originally trained in chemical engineering at Loughborough University.

    I believe that SEA’s credibility largely stems from grounding its advocacy on strong economic rationale, evidence and analysis. In addition it is important that we continue to strive to balance our work in influencing policy across both a fabric first approach (including efficient heating systems) as well as the use of renewables in hitting low carbon budget targets. The SEA can shape future policy frameworks by encouraging the application of combinations of measures across the full range of SEA members’ product offerings. This will promote growth within the market for all building-level energy efficient measures.

  • Donald Daw
    Commercial Director

    Donald Daw on LinkedIn

    Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems Division has built its success on pioneering energy efficiency within the built environment with advanced air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, installed and maintained to the highest standards possible.

    As Commercial Director, Donald Daw has been at the helm during an exciting period of growth for Mitsubishi Electric, which has seen the company transfer its expertise into the heating sector and become market leader air source heat pumps with the award-winning Ecodan® range. Mitsubishi Electric has subsequently introduced an advanced range of heat pumps for commercial buildings which will help achieve renewable energy targets and reduce fuel bills and CO2 emissions.

    Membership of the SEA compliments Mitsubishi Electric’s own Green Gateway approach which seeks to influence the ways in which everyone can play their part in achieving an increase in efficiency and a reduction in energy use and CO2 emissions.

  • Noeleen Keane

    Noeleen Keane
    Manager of Technical Development

    Noeleen Keane on LinkedIn

    EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies and its largest producer of low-carbon electricity. We supply electricity and gas to around 5.5 million residential and business customers. We also provide a wide range of non-energy products and services such as energy advice, installation of heating and microgeneration products. As Manager of Technical Development, I lead a team of Category and Product Managers who are responsible for the development and maintenance of all domestic non-energy products and services.

    Membership of the Sustainable Energy Association enables us to build insight into policy development, and input into the process, backed up by factual, reasoned arguments.

  • Tim Minett
    Chief Executive

    CPL Renewables has been launched to focus on the development and distribution of wood pellet heating solutions to non-domestic customers across the UK. Offering wood pellet boilers from a variety of manufacturers, installation and maintenance services, finance lease agreements or Energy Supply Contracts, CPL is facilitating the take up of wood pellet heating across the UK.

    CPL values the exposure given to the organisation by being a members of the SEA. We also benefit from the opportunity to raise awareness of policy issues of importance to us and to discuss common issues with other industry stakeholders. Having the backing of a leading industry association with a strong reputation for shaping policy which is comprised of such a wide range of organisations builds on CPL’s industry authority which ultimately has a positive impact on our commercial position.

  • Graham Russell
    Managing Director

    Graham Russell on LinkedIn

    Mr Russell has been with the company since 2008 and was formerly head of domestic sales and communications. In his role, he focuses on the UK and Eire growth strategy for heating, for this leading international manufacturer of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems.

    Viessmann uses SEA executive membership to ensure its positive vision for energy efficiency and renewable substitution reaches policy formers and decision makers in Government. The SEA promotes policies that allow industry and government to work cohesively and sensibly, building on market capabilities, to deliver policies and products best suited to consumer needs.

  • Andrew Sheldon
    Managing Director

    For over a decade Andrew Sheldon has played a pivotal role in the drive to promote renewable energy in the UK, specifically in the form of heat pumps.

    Andrew has worked tirelessly to promote heat pump technology not only to prospective clients, but at senior levels of Government. So compelling has been Andrew’s argument for the introduction of renewables across the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron was moved to visit Ice Energy Technologies the day after the Consumer Spending Review to find out more about heat pump technology.

    Andrew and the team at Ice Energy Technologies have therefore fostered a solid working relationship with a number of local authorities, housing associations and registered social landlords over the years securing large amounts of funding for such groups to install renewables across their housing stock which has benefitted thousands of tenants across the UK.

    As an executive member of the SEA, Ice Energy finds the insight of the SEA team invaluable due to its ability to develop policy proposals based on strong economic analysis and its detailed understanding of the palatability of those policy proposals to key stakeholders across Government. Working alongside a wide range of industry peers within the SEA, Ice Energy is able to capitalise on this understanding, and ensure policy proposals are progressed which help develop the market for  low carbon, affordable and secure energy and energy efficiency in our buildings.

  • John Sinfield
    Managing Director, Knauf Insulation Northern Europe

    John joined Knauf Insulation in 2006 and took up his current position in January 2010, reporting directly to the Group CEO. He has overall responsibility for the Northern Europe region, comprising UK, Ireland and the four Nordic countries. There are 4 plants in the UK and a regional office in Gothenburg. John is actively engaged in the drive for improved energy efficiency and is keen to make sure Government remain focused on improving the existing building stock.

    Knauf Insulation is pleased to be part of the SEA. Only through a holistic approach to energy efficiency and micro-generation will we make serious progress in reducing carbon emissions from our building stock. Our participation in the SEA is a building block in the realisation of this objective.

  • David Thorne
    Chief Executive

    Gemserv operates at the heart of utility and environmental markets to support many nationwide schemes and transformational programmes such the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), the Green Deal and smart metering.

    David Thorne has been Gemserv’s Chief Executive since July 2010 and is a member of the Gemserv Board as Executive Director. He brings nearly 25 years’ experience within the utility and environmental sectors, holding a number of operational and strategic Senior Management roles within both the public and private sectors including Centrica, Office of Electricity Regulation (OFFER) and Ofwat.

    Gemserv shares SEA’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Our membership will enable us to work with our peers to promote energy efficiency and low carbon solutions as a single, unified, and well integrated, “demand side” approach.

  • Jonathan Woodthorpe
    Commercial Development Manager

    Jonathan Woodthorpe joined npower as an Electrical Engineering graduate in 1994 and has held extensive operational and commercial roles in the organisation. Positions held include managing the half hourly metering business, developing and delivering strategy for smart metering in the business markets and energy services product development.

    Whilst in product development, Jonathan launched our leading business energy efficiency proposition m3 (measure, monitor, minimise) helping business customers understand their energy needs and develop more sustainable practices. More recent roles have included establishing the Feed-in-Tariffs service for microgeneration and managing npower’s portfolio of domestic sustainable technologies: PV, Heat Pumps and Electric Vehicle charging solutions.

    Membership of the SEA provides a vehicle for us to openly discuss policies with industry participants from across the value chain,  helping understand opportunities and barriers that emerge as a result of policy.  The broad SEA membership enables informed policy ideas to be developed which are shared with the wider industry, officials and civil servants that determine the UK’s approach to sustainability.