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Social Housing Roundtable

Roundtable to discuss an upcoming SEA report

Social Housing Roundtable


July 02, 2019


House of Lords (Committee Room G) via Black Rod's Garden Entrance
Houses of Parliament
Parliament Square



The housing sector accounts for around 22% of the UK’s carbon emissions and with 17% of homes in England falling under the social and affordable rented sector, there is a significant opportunity to reduce our CO2 emissions from this housing stock. Social landlords have a responsibility to ensure that new and existing homes are adapted to forthcoming impacts of climate change and are affordable to live in whilst remaining high quality. Recent analysis carried out by the Sustainable Energy Association has formed the basis of a report which recommends what actions are required to achieve the Net Zero target recommended by the Committee on Climate Change and what policies are necessary to drive them.

The Roundtable

Lord Best, President of the Sustainable Energy Association is hosting a roundtable event on soical housing in the House of Lords on the 2nd July. The draft findings from the SEA’s report on Social Housing will be presented at the event and relevant stakeholders will be asked to comment on the analysis and findings in a roundtable discussion. A final report which reflects input from the roundtable discussion will be produced following the event. This will be used to engage policy makers and inform the development of policy for the social housing sector. 

THIS EVENT IS BY FORMAL INVITE ONLY and places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. 

Monday, September 2nd, 2019