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Our History

The Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) is a powerful campaigning voice, run by a team with a strong track record of successfully influencing energy policy.

The Micropower Council was initially formed in 2004 by Lord Ezra and Dave Sowden to create a political narrative and promote the generation of power from local, on-site technology, the name change to the Sustainable Energy Association was agreed upon to provide the platform for future development.

The formation of the SEA was a significant step towards taking a fully joined up and properly-researched approach to the integration of Government Policy across departments to promote energy efficiency and self-production of low-carbon energy by end users as a single, unified, and well-integrated, “demand-side” narrative. We continue to advocate for a joined up, whole house approach to energy policy. Details on how to join and help to shape the policy landscape can be found in the membership section

Dave Sowden
Founder of the Sustainable Energy Association