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Knauf Insulation joins the Sustainable Energy Association to promote energy efficiency solutions.

The Sustainable Energy Association is delighted to welcome Knauf Insulation as the latest major sustainable energy industry player to join the newly launched organisation at the highest category of membership.

Knauf Insulation joins the Sustainable Energy Association to promote energy efficiency solutions.

Knauf Insulation, one of the leading providers of energy efficiency measures and building products in the UK and across Europe, has joined the Sustainable Energy Association to take an active role in developing the policies that matter to the energy efficiency and low carbon sectors.

The Sustainable Energy Association looks forward to integrating Knauf Insulation’s knowledge and understanding to help produce a properly-researched approach to industry’s integration of Government Policy across departments to promote energy efficiency and self-production of low carbon energy by end users as a single, unified, and well-integrated, “demand-side” narrative.

John Sinfield, Managing Director of Knauf Insulation commented;

“We welcome the opportunity to be proactively involved in the development of this new trade association. The Government is missing the economic opportunity that an integrated approach to building energy requirements provides, combining energy efficiency measures with onsite low carbon technologies. The Sustainable Energy Association has a vital role to play in shaping this agenda”

Dave Sowden, Chief Executive of the Sustainable Energy Association commented;

“We are delighted to welcome Knauf Insulation to the top table of the Sustainable Energy Association. The addition of another key player in the energy efficiency and building materials market to our Executive Committee further strengthens the signal to Government that the demand side has a great deal to offer in reducing energy bills, relieving fuel poverty, enhancing energy security, and taking us more quickly to a low carbon future.

“Demand-side energy solutions generally cost less during their lifetime than almost every “big energy” solution. We look forward to working with Knauf Insulation and our wider membership to help us strengthen this key message in a way that is founded on sound economics, properly researched costs, and is constructive across the political spectrum.”
Knauf Insulation is already the latest organisation to join the Sustainable Energy Association’s Executive Committee since its launch in December. CPL Industries, a major biomass manufacturer joined two weeks ago.

Notes to Editors

*NB Points 1, 2 and 3 are sourced from the official website of Knauf Insulation

  1. Knauf Insulation is the UK’s leading manufacturer of insulation products, and the only producer of multiple types of insulation: Earthwool, encompassing glass and rock mineral wool with the revolutionary ECOSE® Technology, blown mineral wool products under the brand name Supafil®, extruded polystyrene (XPS) under the Polyfoam® brand name and extruded polyethylene (XPE). It is one of the most respected names in insulation worldwide, offering a broad range of insulation solutions to meet the increasing demand for energy efficiency, fire resistance and acoustic performance in new and existing homes, non-residential buildings and industrial applications.
  2. Its 5,000 employees are active in more than 35 countries and more than 30 manufacturing sites worldwide. In the UK, the company employs around 500 people at its four manufacturing plants at St Helens, Queensferry, Cwmbran and Hartlepool. The company offers an unrivalled range of insulating materials for construction, technical insulation in the industrial field, heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications as well as original equipment manufacturing solutions. Knauf Insulation is part of the German family-owned Knauf Group.
  3. Knauf Insulation mineral wool products with ECOSE Technology are made with a formaldehyde-free binder based on rapidly renewable materials, instead of traditional petro-based chemicals. ECOSE Technology is up to 70 per cent less energy intensive than traditional binders. Complementing the new sustainability benefits, the patented ECOSE Technology also produces a ‘super-soft’ and easier to handle wool
  4. The creation of the Sustainable Energy Association was announced in December 2013 and will promote intelligent policy solutions which deliver value for UK Plc. and UK consumers and offer opportunities for business in the sustainable energy sector to grow. Please keep an eye out for our new website which is due to be launched soon:
Wednesday, March 19th, 2014