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Prime Minister Welcomes the Launch of the SEA

This week saw the official  launch of the Sustainable Energy Association and we were pleased to receive a resounding welcome from David Cameron, Prime Minister.

Mr Cameron commented;

“I applaud the launch of the Sustainable Energy Association and its plans to promote energy saving solutions in the UK. The Association’s mission – to develop cost effective and innovative ways for people and communities to reduce energy consumption – is a welcome contribution to our long-term economic plan. It will help families secure lower fuel bills, improve the UK’s energy security and reduce the UK’s emissions. This comes with my very best wishes for the Association’s future success.”

This is a ringing endorsement of the strong narrative we have developed, and we hope such endorsement from the highest level in Government marks a turning point for this industry getting its message across, and leading to a step-change in policy making.

Friday, March 28th, 2014