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Why join SEA

Knauf Insulation is pleased to be part of the SEA. Only through a holistic approach to energy efficiency and micro-generation will we make serious progress in reducing carbon emissions from our building stock. Our participation in the SEA is a building block in the realisation of this objective.

Membership of the SEA compliments Mitsubishi Electric’s own Green Gateway approach which seeks to influence the ways in which everyone can play their part in achieving an increase in efficiency and a reduction in energy use and CO2 emissions.

Membership of the Sustainable Energy Association enables us to build insight into policy development, and input into the process, backed up by factual, reasoned arguments.

CPL values the exposure given to the organisation by being a members of the SEA. We also benefit from the opportunity to raise awareness of policy issues of importance to us and to discuss common issues with other industry stakeholders. Having the backing of a leading industry association with a strong reputation for shaping policy which is comprised of such a wide range of organisations builds on CPL’s industry authority which ultimately has a positive impact on our commercial position.

Viessmann uses SEA executive membership to ensure its positive vision for energy efficiency and renewable substitution reaches policy formers and decision makers in Government. The SEA promotes policies that allow industry and government to work cohesively and sensibly, building on market capabilities, to deliver policies and products best suited to consumer needs.

Gemserv shares SEA’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Our membership will enable us to work with our peers to promote energy efficiency and low carbon solutions as a single, unified, and well integrated, “demand side” approach.

Membership of the SEA provides a vehicle for us to openly discuss policies with industry participants from across the value chain, helping understand opportunities and barriers that emerge as a result of policy. The broad SEA membership enables informed policy ideas to be developed which are shared with the wider industry, officials and civil servants that determine the UK’s approach to sustainability.